Exploring the History of North Jefferson Arts Alliance

The Fultondale Arts Council, established as a nonprofit entity in 2010, aimed to invigorate the cultural landscape of Fultondale, Alabama, by fostering visual and performing arts alongside arts education initiatives. Collaborating closely with the city, the council orchestrated a variety of engaging events, such as the Black Creek Arts Festival, Singer/Songwriters on the Patio, Art After Hours, captivating performances, holiday home tours, and more.

In a strategic move to expand its outreach and impact, the council’s board elected in 2016 to rebrand as the North Jefferson Arts Alliance, broadening its scope to encompass the wider community. Unfortunately, like many organizations, the Alliance faced a period of dormancy in 2020 due to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

However, spurred by the dedication of former board member Jennifer Moore and the invaluable assistance of the organization’s founder, Kara Kennedy, efforts have been underway to revive the Alliance into a dynamic hub for the arts. With the rallying support of the community and the infusion of fresh perspectives from newly elected board members, the Alliance is poised to once again enliven the region with a diverse array of arts programming and educational initiatives.

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